Wireless phone system for business

wireless phone system for business

Finally Statcom Telecoms can now offer a wireless phone system for business. TelcoSwitch makes it easy to communicate.  The user is always in mind when we design these solutions. Our watchwords are innovation, value, reliability and quality – bywords for your success in this most dynamic of markets. The result is a unique combination of products and solutions that meet the needs of your customers today and tomorrow. It works without interruption, has capabilities beyond others, and provides margin for you while delivering cost savings for your customers. To make communication effortless from installation through to operation. This is achieved by providing our dedicated reseller distribution.

What are the platforms?

Our exciting, new and innovative technology CallSwitch,   SimSwitch, 
NetSwitch  and SipSwitch. Because Statcom Telecoms are bringing peace of mind to our clients. These exciting solutions have been developed with you in mind and are the result of our experience in the UK telecoms market,.

CallSwitch Business

Statcom’s simple yet innovative telephony platform therefore is specifically designed to be intuitive and easy to use. To make communication effortless from installation through to operation. For example it has been developed to cater for businesses of all sizes and offers unrivalled quality of service.

CallSwitch comes in two varieties depending on the end user requirement. Firstly Business is feature rich, offers state of the art hardware and a very generous call bundle. Secondly Callswitch Lite is its little Brother. Built for small business who want quality and ease of use. Without paying for features they do not want or need. 

We have designed both solutions with end user needs in mind. We believe they offer our Partners a clear and easy to understand proposition for prospects of any size.

No need for any Office Data Cabling

As long as you have a reasonable Wireless Internet Coverage around your office. We can utilise VoIP Phones from our suite of Yealink or Gigaset handsets. For instance Yealink and Gigaset offer excellent build quality and unified communications features. With these handsets we can deliver a wireless phone system for business. Call now for you free no obligation proposal.