West Midlands Law Firm – Network Cabling Infrastructure Completed

A major West Midlands Solicitors commissioned Statcom Limited to designing and installing a complete data network cabling infrastructure comprised of CAT6 and multi mode fibre optic cable. The client also looked to statcom telecoms to install a wifi network for clients and visitors, incorporating PoE (power over Ethernet) switches, to power the wireless access points. Each unit can support 100 x users with zero handoff. Zero handoff is the ability to move out of range of one access point and into the range of another without the wifi connection cutting out. An additional service that was provided from Statcom was the installation of approximately 30 x floor boxes into a suspended floor and provision of the mains power and network cabling to those new floor boxes. The business fibre ADSL Broadband for the guest network was also supplied by Statcom Limited.

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