VoIP Worcester – What is VoIP? How Does It Work and Do I Need It

What Is VoIP

Statcom Telecoms – VoIP Worcester – Firstly lets discuss it’s meaning. VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol and by its very nature uses an internet connection. In many cases you may hear the term Unified Communications (or UC for short), SIP, IP Telephony, Hosted and Cloud. These terms are all very familiar and are all VoIP technology. VoIP can be provided to the user in many different ways. We understand that VoIP is a term broadly covering a phone call technology. This can be very confusing to people and users outside of the telecoms industry. In this article we can explain what it is and how your business can choose a solution that is right for your business needs

How Does It Work?

Simply put, VoIP is a technology that converts voice/audio into a digital signal for transmission over the internet. Enabling users to make and receive calls from Desk phones, Computers and Smart Phones. By way of the internet rather than older technologies such as ISDN and Analogue phone lines, in most cases connected to legacy business telephone systems. VoIP technology has improved greatly over the last few years and has now become a high quality and reliable way for businesses to communicate.

The two primary ways of hosting a future proof VoIP phone system for local Worcester businesses is either using on premise Call Servers (Phone System) or a Cloud Platform Solution. All next generation technology. The first option requires installation and configuration of site based hardware. Much in the same way that traditional analogue and ISDN phone systems were installed. The second option involves no installation of on site hardware other than desk phones, if they are required. In some instances we have clients that don’t use desk phones they simply use an app on their PC/Laptop or Smart phone just in the same way you would use WhatsApp, TEAMS, Skype etc.

Do I Need It?

While landline phones provide a quality connection for phone calls, they are due to be switched off in 2025. Everyone that still uses them will need to start making plans for upgrading to a VoIP system. Also call rates and line rentals can be costly plus a limitation of the features a handset can provide. If you are a company which is regularly using phone calls as your main form of communication. You may want to be able to make and take calls from any where. Home and Remote working are now basic features of any VoIP system. Cost is very low because phone lines and phone calls routed over the internet are actually cheaper at wholesale level. They can include thousands of minutes for each user every month to local, national and mobile numbers.

  • 2025 will see Analogue and ISDN phased out in
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Make and Receive calls as if you were in the office from anywhere in the world
  • Efficient and collaborative working
  • Disaster Resilience

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