I need to get my staff home working quickly. How do I achieve this? – Home Working Solutions for Telephones.

temporarily work from home

Does your business and employees have a need to temporarily work from home using the company phones ?

Statcom Telecoms can get home-workers up and running in a matter of days because this solution can be set up alongside your current phone system. Which means this will operate seamlessly with the aid of temporary diverts.


To adhere to social distancing rules. Our experienced Phone & IT engineers do not have to meet you or your colleagues face to face. Which means the implementation can be accomplished completely remotely! Therefore ruling out any issues over breaching Social Distancing guidelines, Enabling staff to temporarily work from home.

Our engineers can supply and install a TelcoSwitch – CallSwitch VoIP phone system on your employees’ laptops or desktop PCs. In reality we don’t even have to visit your Business’ premises or employees’ homes to get your pbx telephone exchange up and running.

With or without a headset and a program on your laptop or PC. You can make and receive internal calls to other colleagues like you do in your existing office set-up. For instance, callers won’t know you are working from home. You can make and receive phone calls to clients and suppliers which displays your main business telephone number. All with the help of some standard free Call Diverts using legacy ISDN and Analogue phone systems.

We do charge a one-off set-up fee starting from £200.00 +VAT. Depending on how many users you have but monthly charges start from £7.95 +VAT per user. This charge includes minutes to mobile, local and national phone numbers.

This is based on a 30 day rolling contract. There is no-long term commitment because this doesn’t have to replace your existing telephone system. It’s an addition which can compliment your existing telephone exchange to get your business back up and running in the short-term.

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