Business Telephone Systems in Worcester & West Midlands

Do you need a free telephone systems appraisal? Are you unsure as to what you are paying for?

For telephone systems we can

  • Help you understand your current ongoing costs and what you are being billed for.
  • Clarify current telephone systems capacities to understand scalability for company growth.
  • Help you understand current telephone system capabilities and features.

Supply, Install and Support of a Unified Communication Platforms (Business Telephone System) from 4 x Users to 150 x Users. Phone system is critical to a business’s productivity and performance. Increased efficiency and flexibility, Home/Mobile working, Voicemail to email, click to dial etc.

Statcom offer – Professional, Expert and courteous service, training, fast response times and excellent after sales service

Which Telephone system is right for me?

Choosing the most suitable business telephone system for your organisation is never going to be straight forward. Here at Statcom we can help you make the correct commercial decision based on you company’s particular needs. Factors that will have a major bearing on this decision will be:

  • How many users, your commercial sector?
  • What telephony/communication facilities are required?
  • The structured cabling you have available?
  • (And most importantly) The quality of internet available?

On-Premises Telephone Systems

Even in today’s “cloud” driven business environment some clients are still choosing to deploy a premise based business telephone system as they can have a traditional phone system along with all the modern features of a unified comms platform including VoIP and SIP. Although the initial start up costs are higher, generally a premise based phone system will have very low ongoing running costs compared to a hosted/cloud platform which is based around a monthly subscription cost per user. Over a period of 7 – 10 years, which is the minimum expected service life, we see that overall costs of a premise based system are significantly less than the hosted / cloud equivalent. In our experience with a company of over 15 x users the more users you have the greater the cost gap between a premised based solution and a hosted solution.
In some instances a hosted/cloud based business telephone system may not be a sensible option as the internet may not have sufficient download and upload capacity.

We have numerous clients who are very rural and the only option they have is a premise based phone system with ISDN lines because the internet will not support VoIP or Cloud voice services. These clients are able to take full advantage of the feature rich telephone systems none the less. Enjoying Unified Communications features such as;

  • IP Phones (Even without using internet)
  • Direct Dial
  • Caller ID (CLIP)
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voice Mail to Email
  • Mobile Phone Linking Apps
  • Instant Messaging
  • Contacts Directory
  • PC Based Click to Dial Apps (PC Integration)
  • Voice Recording
  • Call Centre Solution
  • Home/Remote/Mobile Working
  • Multi Site Networking
  • Call Management

Other reasons for choosing a premise based telephone system is client’s peace of mind that the telephone communication of their business is not solely reliant on the internet to operate. Or they may prefer to fund the capital expenditure with a flexible finance option and take advantage of the Tax relief. Ultimately these clients will own the hardware and have the flexibility of keeping the very reliable equipment for decades. Further to this a client or business owner may simply want to use a premise based phone system with SIP Trunks (internet phone lines) to take advantage of both technologies. SIP trunks are a form of VoIP and generally come with thousands of Local, National and Mobile minutes to use every month, leading to a massive reduction of monthly call costs.

Hosted and Cloud Telephone Systems

A hosted or cloud telephone system is a type of business telephone system that has all the hardware located on the “internet” rather than on a client’s premises. The telephones simply plug in to a company’s internet connection. The cloud phone system is based on a subscription format so there will be lower start up cost with a monthly subscription fee per user / handset. Extending over 7 years and beyond the ongoing costs for a cloud solution can work out more expensive than premise based system, depending on the amount of handsets required.

Here are some of the benefits to opting for a Hosted / Cloud phone system solution:

  • No Capital Investment
  • Instant DIY Moves and Changes
  • No PBX/Hardware maintenance costs
  • Free Calls between Offices
  • IP Phones, Softphones and Mobile Apps
  • Home/Remote/Mobile Working
  • Direct Dial
  • Caller ID (CLIP)
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voice Mail to Email
  • PC Based Click to Dial Apps (PC Integration)
  • Voice Recording
  • Call Centre Solution
  • Call Management

Telephone System Maintenance

Statcom can offer maintenance and support on many popular telephone systems throughout the UK. With bespoke care agreements and a team of dedicated technical staff, Statcom can offer fast response times.

Irrespective of company size or location Statcom could provide telephone system maintenance from as little as £200.00 per annum.

Upgrades, Moves & Changes

Providing upgrades to existing client equipment; expanding and modifying for growing businesses.

Let Statcom manage you office re-organisation, we can increase the user capacity of the current system, move existing users extensions and make all necessary programming changes.

UPS (Battery back up)

UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply / Battery back-up) equipment can be fitted to ANY system irrespective of age or size.

Ensuring telephone communications remain protected and live during power outages. Statcom can supply and install a custom configured battery back up device to support a telephone system for any required duration. Clients who are situated in more rural locations find these devices of particular benefit.

Telephone Systems

Statcom can supply & maintain a wide range of new and refurbished telephone systems.  We can design a tailor made communications platform for any size enterprise, in a vast range of commercial applications including civil engineering, call centres, hospitality and education.

DECT - Cordless / Wireless Telephones

Cordless / wireless telephony (usually referred to as DECT) is fast becoming an essential “bolt on” addition to an organisation’s communications platform. DECT enables a roaming workforce to be in communication throughout a company’s site, without causing costly cellular bills. Statcom can design and implement blanket coverage throughout a clients premises.

Oak Innovation

We utilise Oak Innovation Call Management Software to provide call recording, wallboards, call centre features and more. We've outlined a few of the core features below, but for a more detailed breakdown please see our Oak Innovation page.

Auto Attendant

Improve and streamline incoming call flow by implementing a cost effective Auto-attendant (Automated Attendant). These Auto-attendant units typically can be integrated onto existing telephone systems, enabling vital calls to be routed instantly & directly to the correct destination within a company.

Voice Mail Systems

Install a Voice Mail unit to provide a mailbox facility at every phone within the company, ensuring clear, secure and detailed messages, optimising a company’s telecommunications aspect of operation. Voice Mail will work seamlessly with or independently of an Auto-attendant system.

Music on Hold Systems

Music on Hold systems Music on Hold facility is an important addition to any telecoms service, Statcom can supply and install a commercial standard CD player with a professionally recorded disc of hold music & comfort prompts. Reassure callers you have holding that they are not being neglected. A music on hold system can be retro fitted to ANY system irrespective of age or size.