Telecoms services in Worcester & West Midlands


Statcom offer telecoms services in Worcester with a choice of VOIP and Traditional business telephone systems, with new and fully refurbished phone systems to meet your requirements. We also install Fibre, Wi-Fi, CAT6 and CAT5E Cable systems. We can supply a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific requirements, regardless of company size we can provide a solution for you. Contact us now for expert and reliable telecoms services in Worcester.

Telephone Systems

Statcom offer a choice of VOIP and Traditional business telephone systems, to suit your business needs. Panasonic, CallSwitchCallSwitch and Gamma Horizon accredited.

Cabling Systems

We install, support and maintain a wide range office Data Cabling solutions - Fibre, Wi-Fi, CAT6 and CAT5E Cable systems.


IT Services

We can supply a wide range of services  to meet your specific requirements. Office 365, Cloud Servers and Cyber Security


John Vegas, Big Design Co.

I was really impressed when they came and helped us out at the eleventh hour!! Our server had crashed and at the time we had no support contract with anyone. Statcom engineers were on site within a couple of hours of me phoning them (in a desperate panic) and worked tirelessly to get our systems up and running again. I cannot recommend them enough.

Brian Herdman, Practice Manager, Russell & Co

Telephones are telephones aren't they? Well, yes. But if you are like us, we take them for granted when they work and we get very hot and bothered when they don't! What I really like about Statcom is that they are as bothered about our system as we are, they make it work again quickly when there is a hiccup, and usually the hiccup is nothing to do with them. Tremendously skilled, fair priced and easy to do business with. I am approached on a weekly basis to change providers and it is the last thing we'd do. Brilliant team, my advice is do yourselves a favour and start talking to them.

Sue Williamson, Readyhedge Ltd

We have been using statcom telecoms for many years. They have saved us at least 30% on our phone bills and have very successfully helped us sort out some difficult telecommunications issues. The team are very friendly and patient, quick to come out when we have a problem & have always fixed any issues or supplied new equipment promptly. I cant recommend this company highly enough.