Client’s phone bills 30% cheaper with Statcom’s help!

We all need cheap calls and line rentals!
Having analysed the phone bills of a client firmly routed in the leisure and hospitality industry. Statcom were able to offer savings on line rentals and phone calls of over 30% per month. The comparison service Statcom offer is free with no obligation. When compared to competitors such as BT, Plusnet, One Bill and Eclipse, who insist on bundled minutes, statcom telecoms by only charging for what is used can aid in significant savings. Statcom offer reduced call costs and line rentals on Analogue / PSTN lines, ISDN2e / Bri lines, ISDN30e / Pri lines, SIP Trunks, VoIP lines and Business Fibre / Infinity Broadband products. In cases of SIP Trunk and Hosted Cloud telephony products there are thousands of inclusive minutes per month available for calling most UK mobile networks and all UK local and national numbers. In basic terms that means free phone calls.

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