Statcom Telecoms company have successfully registered as a SIP Partner on Panasonic B2B European Partner Portal supporting Panasonic for Business.

Birmingham Telephone Systems supplier – Statcom Worcester have been installing Panasonic Telephone System for over 25 years. Panasonic equipment for business is high quality, reliable, competitively priced, long-lasting, supplied with well-designed handsets, and telecom servers packed with features. Panasonics global & highly respected brand telecoms solutions are backed up with the Panasonics guarantee. For extra peace of mind extended warranties/maintenance and spare parts are available for years to come for your telecoms support from one of the leading phone company in UK.

In the past few months Statcom telecoms solutions have upgraded 2 existing Clients’ who had legacy Panasonic telephone systems, originally installed approximately 15 years ago, and still in good working order. Newer SIP Lines /VOIP (or in simple terms phone lines over the internet) Panasonic telephone systems have been installed to both businesses, with the primary reason their older Panasonic telephone systems were only designed to be connected to Analogue and ISDN Circuit Digital Telephone Lines.  Otherwise these older telecom servers would probably have kept running for many more years.

Do you need your phones with music on hold, CTI recording, phone call recording for your company, Phone call management, SIP phone line, & hosted? Panasonic for Business could be what you need. Please read on for further information –

Panasonic telephone equipment covers many industry sectors, including healthcare, sales, education and public administration. Within these sectors, Panasonic phone systems are suitable for many departments such as sales, finance, service, tech support and more.

With several different types of phone system and many adaptive features across the Panasonic range, you will be assured to purchase a Panasonic system set up suited to your individual business.

Features include desktop tools, voicemail, Fully transparent network features, and first-class voice quality in HD wideband audio.

Easy set-up for home-workers & Remote Workers with their IP phones. Call Centre featuring Voice Guidance for customers and call data information can be converted into reports and analysed for employee performance and customer satisfaction.

A varied range of handsets to suit a variety of employees’ needs.

A Panasonic phone app. That turns your mobile phone into your Panasonic desk phone extension, truly enabling you to answer phone calls away from your desk.

There are 3 Options for Panasonic Communication solutions-

1) UCP – Unified communication Platform incorporates many ways of communication services with the following – instantaneous text & voice messaging, voice (including voice over the internet) audio and video conferencing, mobile phone integration with your desk phone

2) Hybrid – a mix of Internet Phone Lines and digital ISDN phone lines

The above options also include the following –

VOIP/ Voice over IP Hosted Telephone Systems.

Cloud Based Phone Systems for companies/ SIP Trunk Telephone Systems.

3) Analogue – Traditional phone system using Analogue/ PSTN phone lines.

Contact Statcom Telecoms company today for your Panasonic for Business networking and telecommunication needs:

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For further information, please visit the Panasonic Business communication solutions website.

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