Oak Call Management (Call Logging) Software for Law Firm

call logging software

Statcom have supplied Oak CMS call logging software suite to a Worcestershire legal practice to cover its 65 x users. Essentially the software enables the client to run reports of what phone numbers have been dialled. What numbers have called in. Therefore the detail of the data collected is significant as the client can also view duration of calls, frequency, busiest times throughout the morning, afternoon, day, week month and even year.

Real-Time Reporting

Stay ahead of the game in the busiest contact centre environment with live reports that track performance in the moment, helping you identify and respond to issues before they become problems.

Call Control

Reduce customer wait times with the ability to move calls between queues or hunt groups, prioritise VIP callers, and bring ‘offline’ agents back online to tackle sudden spikes in traffic.

Live Wallboards

Big and bold, live wallboards provide an overview of call and agent activity. KPIs incentivise staff to hit targets. Identify spikes in call traffic and highlight unusual behaviour that might indicate fraud.

Managed Agent Activity

Co-manage your team’s availability and productivity, with agents able to log their activity. On a call, call follow-up, in a meeting, on a break. And supervisors able to bring agents on line if things get busy.

On-Call Support

Assist staff to ensure high quality of service and a satisfactory problem resolution. Supervisors can listen into live calls and ‘whisper’ advice that only the agent can hear, or ‘intrude’ if necessary.

Lost Call Recovery

Recover missed business opportunities with reports that capture ‘lost’ call details, so you can phone customers back now, and allocate adequate staffing provision for the future.

Key Metrics

Capture the metrics that matter shown against your KPIs on-screen. Live reporting identifies transfers between auto-response and real people to ensure your key statistics are 100% accurate.

Real-Time & Historic Reports

Forecast growth and fine-tune staff scheduling and extension allocation with a wide range of in-depth reports that monitor daily, weekly and yearly progress.


Finally further improve workflow across your business with the addition of call logging software, call recording or CRM integration using Oak’s specially designed API, for a 360° approach to communications.

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