Landline? It is needed for Superfast Internet isn’t it?

The Next Industry Shake Up? SOGEA Set to Leave the Landline Firmly in the Past


Think about it. When was the last time anyone actually used their landline? It’s become more and more associated with nuisance calls and fraudulent attempts. The landline, once a vital link to friends, family, neighbours and business clients, is now becoming nothing more than a required nuisance for superfast broadband.

Unfortunately for the landline, the end might only just be round the corner thanks to the launch of Openreach’s Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) product line earlier this year.

What is SOGEA?

Because current infrastructure relies mostly on existing copper telephone lines, network operators simply bundle internet and phone services together as standard. Customers naturally accept that this is the only way to supply superfast broadband to homes and businesses.  

With almost every person in the UK using much more cost effective mobile or VoIP connections. Coupled with the full fibre rollout that will see ISDN services withdrawn in 2025. The fate of the landline is very much sealed.

To put it simply SOGEA removes the necessity to require a landline in order to connect to an internet service. One method, Fibre To The Property (FTTP) already exists but is not widely available. 

No doubt there is an obvious upside to the introduction of SOGEA technology. There will be many who will gladly wave goodbye to traditional broadband connections. 

How SOGEA Without a Landline Will Be a Benefit?

SoGEA is 50% quicker to install and comes with lower install and rental costs, so Openreach claims. There will be only one order to manage but on the flip side, SoGEA doesn’t offer any access to the voice network, so an additional VoIP product will be needed if you still want the ability to make calls via a landline service.

Despite the lower cost, don’t expect to be blown away by Superfast internet all of a sudden. The performance you receive will be exactly the same with the possibility of a small increase due to the network no longer competing with landline traffic. 

The up-to speeds that are currently available are:

  • 40mb / 10mb SoGEA
  • 55mb / 10mb SoGEA
  • 80mb / 20mb SoGEA

Is the Future SOGEA?

There is still a question mark over how much room there is within the market for SOGEA technology. Is it here to stay? Or is it a stop gap before the imminent arrival of full fibre, straight to the door of every business and home in the UK?

While it’s own future is not particularly secure just yet, it is more than can be said for the traditional landline which has finally been given it’s marching orders.

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