Fibre Broadband installed for Malvern client

fibre broadband

Statcom have upgraded a Malvern law firm to 80mb broadband using fibre broadband. The service is 80Mb Download & 40Mb Upload and tests show that the speeds are consistently over 80Mb download. A 24 month unlimited contract at very competitive rates, which include a preconfigured router.

Does Your Business Need Fiber Optic Internet Service?

Quite simply, if you have 10 or more employees who need to access cloud based services such as SugarCRM, dropbox, Google Drive, or a cloud based PBX service (to name just a few), DSL or a shared cable line, will likely not meet your business needs. The emergence of cloud computing services and technologies such as SaaS, Paas and IaaS have changed how companies and enterprises do business. The need for instant data / information, along with heightened bandwidth, also highlights some disadvantages of cloud computing. To meet higher demands and more bandwidth across the board, Internet Service Providers are aggressively upgrading infrastructure.

Slow internet speeds, high latency and ‘maxed out’ connections, can be the cause of losses in business productivity and efficiency. Fiber internet service aims to ensure higher connection speeds for multiple users, (generally more than 10). To compete in the fiber market, the good news is that fiber service pricing is now more accessible for residents and businesses alike.

Fiber Optic vs. Broadband Internet Services

As a society, we are always connected. We expect more from our internet services. Whether that be from nearby cable or fiber optic internet providers, or a local broadband ISP. Today, fast and reliable connectivity is no longer a luxury, it is a must. These service expectations increase exponentially in the workplace. When internet service is fast and reliable, employees are productive, clients are happy and business grows.

When the opposite is true, your business can really suffer. Conference calls and videos are choppy; data storage and protection is slow, or worse – compromised. Employees can be become frustrated and less productive, which effects your bottom line. There’s no doubt that internet connectivity plays a significant role in business operations. When paired with the availability of multiple service providers and access options, selecting the right internet for your business or company can be a difficult choice.

This is often a choice that’s frequently between fiber optic internet providers and broadband connectivity options. That decision often comes down to one simple question: which one is better for my business? The answer to the question of broadband vs fiber relies on looking at multiple factors.

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