Energy for your Business – now from Statcom

Statcom is pleased to announce that we now offer energy deals for you and your business. Clearly energy costs are on the rise, so why not check out how you can save money on your bills? Statcom are expanding their services and products on offer to provide comprehensive logistic and infrastructure solutions to businesses of all sizes.

What additional services can we offer?

Along with the existing solutions provided (Telephone systems, data cabling and IT services), Statcom Telecoms are pleased to support your business with a comprehensive utility package.

Firstly, we provide a free in-depth audit of a free comprehensive site audit which will give you a view of the opportunities for energy efficiency improvements and renewable technologies along with details of any grants available for implementing the recommendations

However, the service on offer goes much deeper than a mere audit and recommendations. As the concern continues to grow about the climate crisis, businesses are looking for long-term ideas to permanently reduce the carbon footprint.

Therefore Long-term energy solutions on offer include: Solar PV, EV Charging, Biomass, Voltage Opmisers, Private Water Supplies, Energy Efficient Boilers, Heating Systems, Gas Magnets, Ozone Technology and more.

The Government Energy Grants

Statcom are now in a position to leverage extensive experience in the energy sector. We want to make sure businesses know to take advantage of significant upgrade costs being offset by the government.

Some local and national grants offer up to 50% of project value and other innovative finance options.

Funding options on offer to our customers include:

  • Grants
  • Lease HP
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
    • You are able to purchase the energy you self-generate at a pre-agreed rate. This is lower than the price you are currently paying for grid energy. Thus providing you instant payback, reduced costs and carbon and improved CSR credentials.

Government grants are not unlimited and you could be missing out on local and national projects and funding.

Make sure to contact us right away so we can discuss your energy needs. And see what funding is available to your business.

With energy now available from Statcom Telecoms, we can offer comprehensive guidance and advice on upgrading your existing telecom infrastructure and save your business significant usage costs. Get in touch today so we can help you save on costs and improve the efficiency of your business.