Upwards of 192 x CAT5e IT/Data outlets have been installed into Project Site Offices of a major construction company in Greater Manchester.

Statcom Telecoms company have completed installation of 192 x CAT5e Cable Ethernet IT/Data Outlets in prestigious Project Offices of a Construction site in Greater Manchester. The office CAT5e Cable Ethernet install was undertaken over a number of phases and was coordinated with the company supplying the two-story modular building in order to prevent any damage to the modules themselves.

The client can face expensive penalties if the fabric of the modular buildings is damaged or defaced. As such, the installation of such a high volume of cables had to be carefully planned and executed with our highly skilled engineers. Along with the CAT5e Cable Ethernet infrastructure Statcom Worcester also installed a 42u Data/ IT Telecom Server cabinet, a HDMI feed to various LCD display screens throughout the offices, Sky Satellite TV, Wi-Fi (Wireless Access Points), Overhead projectors and LCD screens for the Boardrooms. Finally installation of a Panasonic NS700 business telephone system using Gamma SIP trunks.

What are SIP lines/ trunks?

In brief, SIP Lines/ Trunks (Session Initiation Protocol) connect a PBX Telephone System to the BT/ Openreach network via the internet/ broadband.

The client is using their own leased line for the SIP endpoint.

What is a Leased Line?

In short, a Leased Line is where you have guaranteed fibre download and upload speeds to your home or business irrespective of the time of day. And for example, these speeds are guaranteed when there is a large demand for fibre internet in your neighbourhood.

The phone system is installed on to their commercial network. The company that manages their network & telecoms solutions, insisted that a Session Boarder Controller (SBC) be installed locally to add another level of security to the SIP trunk/Phone system installation, (an SBC is effectively a firewall for SIP lines). This is in addition to our standard policy where we request that firewalls are set with rules to only allow access to the network from the two Gamma SIP endpoint global IP addresses of their own Session Border Controller.

The network management company risk assessed and deemed this part as a possible weakness in the network which could be vulnerable to attack. Statcom Telecoms company installed and configured a Sangoma mini SBC (Session Border Controller) firewall specifically for SIP sessions, along with the Panasonic NS700 Business Telephone System to protect the client’s commercial network and the telephone system from any malicious attack and SIP phone line snooping. The Sangoma mini SBC in no way reduces the call quality or stability of the SIP lines, if anything due to its design it actually enhances the SIP experience.

The SIP Lines / trunks include 5000 minutes per month to geographic numbers, such as 01 and 02. 2000 minutes per month to most 07 mobile networks. That is per channel. So if you have 6 x channels of SIP you get 30,000 mins to landline numbers (01 and 02) and 12,000 mins to mobiles (07) to use per month across your business. Statcom is proud to have been able to provide the CAT5e Cable Ethernet solutions required.

Statcom Telecoms give you the option to choose from a wide range of data cabling company solutions & networking in telecommunication. Please contact us for more information.

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