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WiFi Link between two buildings

Business WiFi Worcester

Statcom have just designed and installed another building to building wifi link for a client based in Worcester. The client’s been using a VPN on broadband at a remote office to connect to their main office network. This solution has been very unreliable; sometimes connectivity has been lost for several hours. Although the two premises are only 30m apart there is a public highway in between. So a physical cable is not cost effective. Using the Ubiquiti airMAX Nanobeam AC Gen 2 WiFi bridge solution the two offices are now connected as though they are all part of the same building.


The WiFi network link takes the place of a fibre or copper cable while still offering the same bandwidth and reliability. Many of our clients come with the question. “How can we use one network for all our buildings, when we can’t install cables between them?” The solution is to ask Statcom to install a WiFi link which will bring the corporate network from the main building to any remote buildings. Suitable for distances of up to 10Km providing there is clear line of sight. If properly installed and configured the Wifi link will operate with throughput speeds in excess of 300Mbps using the 5Ghz frequency. The radio and antenna are combined to create a more efficient and compact CPE. The NanoBeam AC Gen2 gets maximum gain out of the smallest footprint.

Providing high performance and an innovative form factor. The NanoBeam AC Gen2 is versatile and cost effective to deploy. The wifi link dishes, otherwise known as wifi heads, are very discrete. They are about 18cm (7.5′) diameter which is about the size of a medium sized saucepan. They can either be mounted direct onto a wall using the bracket that is included or small U shaped pole.

Business WiFi Worcester

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