BT Landline Customers See Price Increase From Today

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From today, 1st September 2020, BT Landline Customers are being switched to a new plan called “The Unlimited Minutes” plan. Around 1.3 million customers will now be switched to this new plan, meaning customers can make as many landline and mobile calls as they want but will pay an additional £54 a year.

How Much Is The BT Price Increase?

Selected customers will move onto the new plan as of today. The Unlimited Minutes Plan will cost £15 per month and allows these customers to make unlimited landline and mobile calls within the UK.

BT says that the current affected customers pay approximately £10.50 a month for the previous plan, so the maximum customers would pay on the new plan is about £4.50 extra on the new data package. 

However, it is worth noting that line rental is not included in these costs – which is usually an additional £20.20 – and won’t be affected by the price increase.

What Should BT Customers Expect Next?

As an affected customer, BT should have contacted you by post to give notice of any changes to your contract. If you believe the price increase is above the normal level of inflation, then you might have the right to cancel your contract within 30 days of receiving the price hike notification. 

If you are already out of contract with BT then you could start searching for alternative providers, especially those with broadband-only subscription plans.

Why Does The Price Increase?

Every year, providers such as BT look to increase the price of Broadband, Mobile and Landline packages in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation which is published each January. Earlier this year in March, BT adjusted their price plans according to the CPI.