BT ISDN Switch Off Announcement

I’ve received a telephone call saying they are calling from a business associated with BT Openreach and my telephone lines will be cut off – What should I do? 

BT ISDN Switch Off Announcement

bt isdn switch off announcement

Here’s what you should do –

1) In the short –term do nothing! This phone call is from telecoms companies un-neccesarily pressuring customer’s to act. Don’t sign any long-term deals.

It should be noted genuine and trust worthy telecoms providers will not be ringing people, with mis-leading  information about the 2025 switch-over and genuine providers will not be pressuring customers to sign new contracts.   

2) However, yes Some BT telephone lines are being withdrawn in 2025, but that is 5 years away. Your phone lines will not be cut-off!!!!!

3) Subsequently in the medium to long term THERE IS plenty of time for businesses (and home-owners) to get ready for this change.

4) What is going to happen to my telephone lines after 2025? In simple terms, after 2025 all phone calls and phone lines will go via the internet.

5) To switch every UK business and residential voice calls and phone lines to route over the internet, is a big ask for BT Openreach, so they may not meet the 2025 deadline. Without doubt this task is a huge operation for BT Openreach.  

6) What is happening in 2023? Again put simply – Your Business will not be able to place an order for ‘older type traditional’ phone lines with Openreach, via your existing phone provider.  

7) Therefore if you place an order for a new phone line after 2023, these new phone lines and voice calls will go via the internet, in a similar way to how VOIP and SIP lines already do for many businesses. 

What is my next move?

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Finally follow the links to BT ISDN Switch Off Announcement Press Releases

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