BT Customers – Loyalty gets rewarded doesn’t it? Act Now!!

Are you a BT customer?

We all know that many banks give new customers a better deal than their long-standing loyal customers. BT appear to do the same as we come across many of their customers who quite frankly after examining the bills are being ‘ripped off’
We’re doing a comparison now for a customer who has been with BT for over 30 years, spending between £1100 – £1400 per quarter. We will be able to save them at least 50% on a like for like basis. This is not an isolated case either, we are consistently getting into a dialogue with new and existing clients who are paying significantly more than they should be to this telecoms giant.
So loyalty doesn’t always pay
If you would like your phone bills checked even if you’re in a contract now is the time. We can quote for analogue PSTN lines, ISDN2e lines, ISDN30e lines, SIP Trunks and Fibre FTTC Broadband which is also known as the Infinity service from BT.

BT have just announced price rises effective 1st October, but under Ofcom rules customers with 10 or less employees [unless you’re obviously a large organization BT have no way of knowing this] you can leave them now without having to wait for the contract to expire. This is the time to act if you are tied in to one of their contracts especially if you are thinking of relocated premises.

The company has spent millions possibly billions of pounds on winning the rights to transmit sports TV packages rather than upgrading the essential services and Fibre broadband infrastructure within our rural communities and business centres and now they want their customers to pick up the bill. Many of those customers affected by the price hike probably are not even interested in the sports packages that the company has so graciously won on their behalf.

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