Now Available From Statcom: Integrated Audio and Video Conferencing

What many people have known from before lockdown has only been confirmed by the ongoing pandemic. That thanks to the technology and superfast internet available today, working remotely is going to be the way forward and that will rely heavily on audio and video conferencing. 

With the structure of the workplace now evolving, so too must the technology and software in order to keep businesses running, suppliers paid and marketing strategies designed and implemented. Email is great for brief communication but for the creative brainstorming and strategic planning, you want to see and hear colleagues. 

That’s why Statcom are pleased to announce that they have launched a brand new integrated audio and video conferencing service and in this blog, we’ll be discussing the major benefits of having an integrated service. 

Increased Productivity 

Online conferencing often comes with set start and finish times. It means that there are tighter agendas, less time for chit-chat and participants are more likely to keep focus on the tasks at hand. This often means tasks are delegated out efficiently, problems can be resolved quicker and client processes streamlined rather than through an endless email chain and missed calls. 

Reduced Travel Time and Costs

One of the oldest benefits to using audio and video conferencing but still just as important today as it ever was. Team members in satellite offices, hundred or thousands of miles away don’t have to spend their valuable time travelling. It also means businesses do not have to worry about providing expenses for members of staff who require accommodation, food and transportation costs.

Happier Employees

Reduced commuting, options to work at home and the increased capability of conferencing (such as screen sharing) means employees have a better work/life balance than ever before. It means staff are more likely to stay at a business which offers these benefits compared to companies that have more traditional views on work culture.

audio video conferencing

No More Lost in Translation

Semi – anonymous emails and a couple of phone calls can leave team members confused and in a state of vague uncertainty about a particular project or task. Thanks to video and audio conferencing, you don’t have to worry about people missing out on key information. With screen sharing, it’s even easier to demonstrate to team members rather than trying to verbally explain something that is technically complex.

If team members have questions, they don’t have to wait anxiously for hours to get a response. All relevant members can quickly come together on a call, clarify uncertainties or help make decisions and then continue with individual tasks.

Statcom are on hand to provide integrated video and audio conferencing for when businesses need it the most. The advantages of having an integrated system saves wastage of man hours and costs. At the same time, it gives team members the options to work from home which will help them reduce unnecessary travel time and costs too. Happy employees make productive employees.

With the ever evolving rate of digital technology, it is vital that businesses embrace the latest telecommunication trends and equipment to take full advantage of these cost saving benefits. Contact us now to see how we can transform the way you work.