4G: Does your business have backup 4G? Here’s why you need it


A 4G backup is the go-to solution. The lifeblood of any modern business now runs through the copper and fibre wires of the internet. Through it, a business can reach out and communicate like never before with it’s customers. The wheels of commerce rely on this digital outreach more than any other channel. 

But what happens when the internet stops working? When the outage lasts for hours, or even worse, days? The reasons for internet downtime could be anything from equipment failure to cyber attacks but businesses still need to be prepared. 

In a recent study, it was shown that just 13% of UK businesses have a viable internet backup when they suffer an outage. An internet backup could save your business from all sorts of financial and logistical problems. 

Here, we’ll be discussing what 3G / 4G backup internet can do for you and how Statcom can find you the perfect backup solution.

Backup 4G is More Reliable Than a Traditional Failover

Traditional backup systems, also known as ‘failover’, that require a wired connection are equally as reliable as a 4g failover. However, these wired connections are often in the same physical space as your normal internet. Any failure of your main connection and you will often find the backup is also affected.

Gone Are The Days of Unreliable 4g

According to communications watchdog Ofcom, at least 91% of the UK population has reliable 4g access from at least one mobile phone operator. No longer is roaming data seen as costly, slow and patchy. It is arguably more reliable than traditional ISDN and ASDL connections. Therefore allowing business to effectively work from almost anywhere in the UK.

Because most businesses are located near densely populated areas, the chances are you will be in a great coverage area. However many routers now have a facility for multiple SIM cards. Therefore they can use the strongest 3G / 4G provider in that area. In some rural scenarios 4G is used as the primary internet connection. Reason being that FTTC and FTTP Fibre Internet is still unavailable.


How much does a 4g backup cost?

We often associate data roaming with expensive additional fees, tagged onto our phone bill at the end of the month. This is due to data intensive applications and programs where we stream videos, browse social media and mobile games.

However, business critical applications are very different from these uses often found being used in our downtime. VoIP (Cloud Phone Systems) , SIP Trunks, card transactions, CRM related task, delivery instructions and other business related tasks don’t use as much bandwidth. 

Remember, when a 4g backup is activated, the software can also limit the types of apps and programs that can be used on the system. This will ensure that the business can still function and make money but won’t be crippled by excess data charges. Thresholds can be put in place to alert the IT team to if and when the business is approaching a data limit and react accordingly. 

Finally, a 4g backup might seem like an expensive enterprise. Consider that the monthly cost of having a backup in place when compared to an internet outage. It’s a small price to pay to prevent extensive loss of income.

A Safe and Secure Connection

It seems that every week a large corporation has suffered some form of cyber attack. There is still some misconception that a 4g backup is less secure that a traditional internet connection. In reality a 4g connection is just as secure with the same security protocols found on a wired connection.

Servers and networks will remain compliant. Just ensure the vendor you choose is familiar with the requirements of any potential compliance audits.

Backup 4g is Easily Scalable

Backup solutions that include a 4g option are readily available to businesses of all sizes. Because they can be quickly deployed and then configured depending on how many users are operating on it. The type of work required and speed available. A 4g backup is an attractive choice for IT professionals seeking the right solution for the business.

It can be as easy as inserting a SIM card into a router. Or using a USB Dongle to plug in to the router. Once there and plugged in, it will start working right away – if configured correctly. 


How Can Statcom Telecoms Help?

With experience and knowledge in backup systems. Our team of engineers are available to advise on the best possible 4g backup solution for you and your business. For over thirty years, Statcom Telecoms has consulted on and installed all manner of stable backup solutions for businesses. 

4g backups are cost effective, efficient and easily scalable to suit any business needs. Without a backup, any outages will grind operations to a halt, causing loss of revenue and an increase in overtime and overheads.

If you are concerned your backup solution needs an upgrade. Or your business currently doesn’t have one, then please feel free to get in touch today.